Goitre Symptoms

An enlarging thyroid gland tends to produce certain clinical features and symptoms. However, all Goitres do not cause signs and symptoms. Some of them are asymptomatic. The intensity of the Goitre symptoms depends up on the severity of the disease, the hormone profile of the person and presence of other medical conditions.

When symptoms and manifestations occur, they are seen as:

One of the most prominent Goitre symptoms is a noticeable swelling at the base of the neck. The swelling becomes particularly apparent after you have shaved or after putting on make-up

Occasionally, some people complain of a constrictive tightness or a tight sensation in the throat

Coughing is another common symptom.

Hoarseness or change of voice may occur

Difficulty in breathing

Difficulty in swallowing

Depending on whether the person has hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, a host of other Goitre symptoms come up as well.

Commonly seen symptoms of hypothyroidism are: weight gain, irregular period, hair fall, skin discoloration, irregular bowel movement and a feeling of coldness. On the other hand, those having hyperthyroidism may complain of excessive weight loss, irregular menstrual bleeding, insomnia, boils or rash over the skin, trembling and irritability.

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